AI For Developers: Why many developers don’t understand AI

This is my first post in a series of posts covering AI for Developers. In this post, I will cover a better definition of AI for developers.

It still amazes me how much confusion and misinformation is still out there around something as basic as the definition of Artificial Intelligence.

I made this post for you as a developer. In this post, I will cover a deeper definition of AI from a developer viewpoint. This definition of AI is usually not covered in a typical discussion or post. Most posts covering the definition of AI are too high level or too deep in CS theory.

If you're not a developer, you can still gain a lot form this post as I will not get too technical.

At the end of this series, you will have an entire picture of AI and be able to understand how it will impact you as a coder. More importantly, you will have avoided the traps of misinformation coming from both proponents and detractors in the hype space.

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  • November 4, 2018
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Is Udacity’s AI nanodegree worth it for an experienced coder? 5 things to consider before you signup.

[UPDATE]: Udacity is constantly changing and refining their programs. One of the big changes that was made is that they have split the AI nanodegree into two course and increased the total price. Another change was that they removed the lifetime access to the content.  Please refer to Udacity's website for up to date information. My review is based on on what was available when I took it. Overall, the experience will be the same for you and this post will still be relevant.

If you're an experienced coder and are curious about taking Udacity's AI nanodegree, this post is for you.

There were five things that helped me make a decision .  I wish future me would have sent me this info back when I was trying to decide. I could have saved lots of time and fear of waisting my money.

Well, future me is here now. I wrote this post in hopes it will help your make your decision to go forward with the Udacity AI nanodegree or not.

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  • November 26, 2017